Mardi cars

Thanks to Finers Stephens Innocent for laying on a splendid Creole-themed Mardi Gras client bash last Thursday (26 February) and inviting Tulkinghorn along.

The jazzmen blew, and the purple, green and gold (the official colours of Mardi Gras since 1872, in case you didn’t know) drinks flew (okay, flowed). But Tulkinghorn, in a moment of boyhood-like I Spy-inspired anorak behaviour, was more entertained by the flash cars sitting on the Tarmac outside.

Like the gigantic black Mercedes Inspiration, registration F1XXX, and the gleaming Audi S Line, which goes by the charming moniker BAZ 6110. But Tulkinghorn’s favourite, and the one that caused the biggest mystery of the night, was the midnight-blue Jaguar XKR, EGO 4. Apparently, Mark Stephens had been nowhere near the event all night.