Lovells tiff

Just as the Spanish have got the hang of how to pronounce Lovells (previously the whisper in Madrid was “Low Balls are coming, Low Balls are coming”), it seems the City firm may have to change its name.

Just in time for its big Spanish launch with Cuatrecasas corporate supremo Jose Maria Balana de Eguia, Lovells has launched a trademark suit against a seemingly Anglophile Spanish law firm which loved the name Lovell so much it registered it as a trademark in 1999.

Lovell singular has 13 lawyers, while our Johnny-come-lately Lovells has 1,600 lawyers. Little risk of confusion, you would have thought, but Spanish newspaper Expansion has devoted a good many column inches to the risks of having two Lovell(s), and now our Lovells plural is trying to sort things out.

It seems that one of the two will be disappointed and will have to abandon the cherished Lovells name. The moniker is pretty rare in Spain – apparently, there are fewer than 20 Senor and Senora Lovells in the country.

So it could be expensive for our Lovells – let’s just hope it doesn’t have to pay the singular Lovell a big wad of euros to bugger off.

Tulkinghorn thinks the City should show a united front in support of John Young, Leslie MacDonagh, Bob Kidby et al, and he is organising a slush fund for litigation costs.

So any euro coins left from trips to the Continent should be sent to The Lovells Name Appeal Fund, care of The Lawyer.