1 Pump Court catches Frizzby

Congratulations to 1 Pump Court for living up to its self-penned tag of being a “radical and progressive” set.

Those wacky barristers – winners of The Times 1997 inaugural achievement award for “the legal organisation that has contributed most towards equal opportunities” – appear to have hired the former pink-haired 1980s club legend Frizzby Fox to handle its marketing. Good on them, says Tullkinghorn.

Fox, the one-time belle of none other than Peter Stringfellow, also boasts an illustrious singing career, with hits such as Pretty Boys and Cut Me Loose in her considerable canon. The Lawyer scribes are eagerly anticipating invitations to Duran Duran theme nights and Stars In Your Eyes evenings, where all the barristers say: “Tonight, Frizzby, I will be Tony Hadley.” (The former Spandau Ballet crooner, in case you’d somehow forgotten.)

Unfortunately, Frizzby, 1980s door star or not, is only in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and so wasn’t available at press time to confirm or deny her former clubland superstar status. Shame.