Metzger rejoins Couderts in NY

Coudert Brothers' former London managing partner has rejoined the firm after four “roller coaster” years at the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Barry Metzger now works at Couderts' New York office in the international finance department after taking a leave of absence in 1994 to become general counsel at the ADB in Manila.

Metzger says: “For the first two years it was a truly fascinating job.”

But he adds: “It was like a roller coaster and I was trying to hang on to that roller coaster for the last two years.”

Metzger says that he was first put forward for the ADB post by the US Treasury Department.

He adds that although most people stay in the post for a number of years, he had decided on, and stuck to, a set period of time to serve as general counsel at the ADB.

In his new post at Couderts he will be co-ordinating the firm's New York-based Asian financial and investment activity while working closely with the firms' offices in the Asia Pacific region.

At the same time as his departure from the ADB, Metzger says the bank's president Mitsuo Sato was also leaving. “It was a natural breaking point,” he says.

Metzger says the ADB has yet to choose a replacement for him.