CMS CAMERON McKenna has persuaded more than 90 per cent of its staff to sign up to its flexible working scheme, despite internal opposition to the plan.

It is understood that just 50 per cent of employees had agreed to the scheme a week before the deadline on Friday 29 May.

But after a concerted push by partners, and warnings that further redundancies might be necessary, that figure rose to more than 90 per cent with one day of voting to go.

The Camerons scheme, announced alongside an 80-job redundancy consultation, allows the firm to put staff on a four-day week at 85 per cent of pay or two-week unpaid sabbaticals.

Only those who sign up to the proposal will be eligible for reduced working.

The scheme also includes a small number of secondment places at the IMD Business School and the Raleigh International Charity, both on 20 per cent of pay.

There are also secondment opportunities with other members of the CMS alliance.

Partners are not being included in any of the flexible working arrangements.

A Camerons spokesman said: “This is a very strong result and means we’re much stronger and more flexible as we go into our new financial year.”

In contrast, Norton Rose’s reduced working scheme was supported by 96 per cent of employees, although the firm has avoided having to make staff redundant.