Rugger buggers

While the rest of us are whooping with joy at England’s rugby victory, it seems that some people just can’t help being… well… lawyers about it all.

Just three days after Jonny’s last-minute drop goal entered history as one of England’s finest sporting moments, Manchester’s George Davies Solicitors issued this little gem in a press release: “SCHOOLS WARNED – BEWARE OF RUGBY LEGAL BACKLASH… Sports law experts say an increase in rugby-related injuries inevitably means a rise in the number of compensation claims.”

And just in case you haven’t got the message and are still recklessly enjoying the aftermath of England’s victory, partner and harbinger of doom David Mercer goes on to warn: “Schools must beware that for every Johnny Wilkinson produced, there will be 10 compensation claims if they don’t take action.”

Full marks for coming up with such a spurious link with England’s victory, but pur-lease – can’t we just enjoy it for a little bit longer?