On top (at the bottom) of the world

Belated congratulations from Tulkinghorn to the English rugby team for its heroics against the Aussies last week. Several of the UK’s finest decided that being glued to the screen for all 100 nerve-shredding minutes would not be enough. The only thing to do would be to do it properly, get on a jet and go to the game in person.

Blackstone Chambers first junior clerk Gary Oliver was sounding distinctly weary on Monday, the first working morning after the game, having just returned home. Wragges property chairman Gerald Bland was also at the game, but took time out to text a hack from The Lawyer: “I’m in the Blue Mountains.” While soon to be ex-Norton Rose employment head Tim Russell is threatening to “take his guitar out of his case”, after seeing the game in person put him in a “holiday state of mind”.

The highest profile globetrotter, though, is Simmons’ Charles Baynes-Reid. Not content with heading down under to watch the game, Charlie managed to feature prominently in the local papers. Unfortunately, the reporting failed to match The Lawyer’s high standards of accuracy – the caption below the swimming-trunked Simmons bod read: “Sydney residents Cheryl-Leigh Godfrey and Charlie Baynes-Reid pin their hopes on a Stop Jonny T-shirt.” A Simmons spokesman was on hand to assure a scribe that Charlie remains a corporate assistant in London. He is also, apparently, “definitely an England fan”. The mystery as to who the lady in the picture is, however, continues.