Off their boxes

Remember the rubber ducks? Well, the other day Tulkinghorn was greatly mystified to receive an unusual and unexpected package. Random and weird press releases are one thing – Tulkinghorn Towers gets them every day. But this was different: a square, unmarked, bright blue cardboard box with no markings whatsoever.

In these dark days, where law firms are on the receiving end of (thankfully hoax) letter bombs, the hacks were understandably concerned. What could the box contain? The bravest soul volunteered as box opener. Looking up at him after the lid was removed lay four yellow creatures (mostly ducks, but also a strange, furry, birdlike thingy) nestling together like newlyborn trainees at the foot of their favourite partner.

“Aaahhhh,” sighed the scribes, “how sweet, how generous – how frankly bizarre.” What planet Crowell & Moring, the firm later discovered to be behind the promo, lives on we can only guess, although a glance at the blurb on its website is revealing. It confirms that what sets it apart from the other firms is its “very strong and positive culture”, of course. It also reminded Tulkinghorn that these are some of the same ducks that currently swim in the firm’s reception-based fountain sculpture effort, clearly some of the hardest-working birds in the business, folks.