In a hole

If you’re a lawyer, work is the perfect excuse for avoiding all number of situations. But beware, you may well get caught out, as this cautionary tale shows.

Manches partner Jonathan Maude mentioned to his other (and obviously better) half that an upcoming partnership weekend would be running through until Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t that he was lying, just stretching the truth a little. Actually, the weekend officially finished on Saturday night, but a few of the partners thought they’d stick around on Sunday morning to hit a few golf balls. However, he was soon to be caught out.

Later that week, his wife mentioned that she was having some friends over for Sunday lunch. Having forgotten that he’d avoided mentioning the golf, Maude said: “Well, I might make it home. If the weather’s not good, I probably won’t play.” At which point, Maude’s ‘game’ was well and truly up.