RJW hikes PI capability with National Accident Helpline

Russell Jones & Walker (RJW) is planning to buy personal injury (PI) claims handling company National Accident Helpline, two and a half years after acquiring Claims Direct.

Managing partner Neil Kinsella confirmed that the firm had instructed its accountants to examine the possibility of buying National Accident Helpline, which coordinates PI claims through a network of 300 UK offices and external solicitors.

In February 2003, RJW bought claims management company Claims Direct, subsequently renaming it New Claims Direct. The company has been integrated into RJW’s Manchester office, and Kinsella said it is proving to be profitable.

“Claims Direct is only one part of our overall strategy,” Kinsella said, explaining the reasoning behind the latest acquisition.

Kinsella said he believed that RJW’s ownership of claims management companies would help explode the “compensation culture myth”, adding that the firm was trying to push a “common sense culture” instead.

“We’re looking at working with other lawyers and groupings of lawyers to achieve that,” he explained. “We think there’s going to be significant change in the next 12 months.”