Peaceful negotiations

It must be great comfort to any company that finds itself a takeover target and winds up at the door of the Competition Commission that the august body features former Slaughter and May competition partner Laura Carstensen.

It goes without saying that Carstensen is a lawyer par excellence. But she has another string to her bow that should make all those nasty

Carstensen is a life coach. She is also the co-founder and joint managing director of internet mind, body and spirit retailer Blue Banyan.

Apart from wondering what sort of mind, body or spirit (spirits?) Blue Banyan retails, Tulkinghorn is looking forward to Ms Carstensen’s use of healing crystals when scrutinising the next hostile bid.

With all those holistic auras wafting through the Commission, Tulkinghorn is just glad there ain’t no such thing as poison pills, man.