I'll just get my coat

For all of you who didn't attend The Lawyer Hot 100 party you will have seen from the photographs last week what a glittering occasion it was. An excuse for people to get together, chew the fat, catch up on news and drink as much as is humanly possible.
Take defamation lawyer David Price for example, who confessed afterwards that he had not drunk so much since he was a teenager. Tulkinghorn was delighted to reacquaint the thrusting young man with the pleasures of spinning rooms and overnight gorilla attacks (you know – kicks you in the head, drags you across the floor and does the unmentionable in your mouth). One of Tulkinghorn's scouts was amazed to hear that Mr Price had overindulged, as when she bumped into him, he was trying to persuade the cloakroom attendant that half a prawn was in fact his ticket.
Then there was Susan Ring and Richard Buxton from niche environmental plaintiff firm Richard Buxton. The two of them got chatting to James Hodgson of KLegal, only to ask innocently, after glimpsing his name badge, “Who exactly are klegal?” Tulkinghorn hastily explained that spaces between words are no longer de rigueur among accountancy firms and that the firm was actually 'K' 'Legal'.
Then there was the charmer from 3 Verulum Buildings, who told one of Tulkinghorn's female scouts that she was the spitting image of one of his chambers' tenants. Oh really? she replied. “Yes indeed,” explained the smooth-talking clerk. “His name is Peter Ratcliffe.” Howls of hurt pride emanated from the scout, with the clerk only making it worse by claiming: “But he's a very good-looking bloke.” Tulkinghorn fears the noun in that description was the upsetting part.