Aegis Media relocates entire legal team to City

Aegis Media general counsel Simon Zinger has moved from New York to the company’s London headquarters, where he will lead a six-strong team.

Legal counsel Marie Marcoux has relocated to London from the company’s Paris office. Zinger said: “London’s where the commercial activity is for the company. The legal function’s changed shape in recent years and it now makes more sense for us to be located at the headquarters in the City.”

As part of the changes Zinger’s team will provide legal support to the wider Aegis Group as required following the departure of group general counsel Mark Biddle to Williams Grand Prix earlier this year. Biddle has not been replaced. Zinger said: “Our team provides a legal function at a group level when it’s required, but the real legal needs are within the media division itself.”

Although the legal function is centred on London, Aegis Media wants to recruit someone to look after its legal needs in Asia.