9 Gough Sq chief exec to quit law for property investment

John Kerr joined the chambers in 2005 from Scotland’s Faculty of Advocates, where he headed Faculty Services, the clerking provision arm.

Upon joining 9 Gough Square he replaced former chief executive Joanna Poulton, who has since emerged as chief executive at Landmark Chambers.

Kerr said that in the five years he had been with the set the biggest change had been in its development as a business and the growth of a marketing function.

In 2008 John Foy QC stepped down as head of chambers, handing over to Grahame Aldous QC, who pledged to continue the modernisation and growth of the set.

While the chief executive position had been unusual at the bar until fairly ­recently, a number of sets are choosing to adopt the role. Over the past 12 months Quadrant Chambers, Devereux Chambers and Hardwick have all brought in chief executives in an effort to modernise their respective sets.