Christianity took a good couple of centuries to rise above the level of a cult and become a major socio-political force in Western civilisation.

For Apple, the transition has taken about 12 minutes.

And if anyone needs evidence that the upstart computer company has become the pre-eminent force for all that is good in this confusing and sometimes frightening world, you need look no further than today’s revelation that Eversheds is to ditch its tired old BlackBerrys in favour of the shiny, thin-as-a-slice-of-bresaola trinketry of the iPad (see story).

Of course it makes perfect sense that Eversheds should be the first firm to saddle up with the Apple hipsters, both having been anointed as Superbrands back in February (see story). Apple was 9th on the list of our best-loved companies, with the ’Sheds right in its slipstream in 214th.

The thinking behind the move, according to Eversheds, is that there’s a lot you can do on an iPad that you can’t on a BlackBerry. True that… Who knows when your corporate finance partners are going to have to whip out that essential Vuvuzela app in the middle of a fraught restructuring negotiation?

You can’t make phone calls on the iPad of course. But, as any teenager will tell you, talking is so last millennium.