Is it workin’ in the Gherkin?

Watson Burton‘s London operation has been chugging along for almost two years, but for those based in the cradle of the firm in Newcastle it is perhaps especially hard to see where it is going.

Sure, in February there was the hire of construction partner David Jones from Hammonds, and then there was the swallowing up of two-partner Weybridge-based IT boutique Trevor Robinson & Co. But with the news that London construction partners Olivia Bateman and Lawrence Bruce have defected to Hammonds ( 23 May), the construction focus with which London was originally opened seems to be fading.

Watson Burton insists that it is business as usual and that the rest of the firm makes great use of the iconic London Gherkin premises, but Jones and Trevor Robinson & Co, who now make up most of the permanent London population, will clearly have to pull much harder to justify London’s existence. Not to mention paying the rent in the Gherkin.Get the latest news and an irreverent commentary delivered to your desktop every day by subscribing to Lawyer News Daily.

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