Mark Duesenberg has left Invensys for a new role as legal director at international technology company Lenovo.

Duesenberg joined Lenovo as legal director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa earlier this month. He will be based in Paris and will report to general counsel Ken Hammer, who in turn reports to chief executive officer Steve Ward.

Duesenberg was vice-president group legal at Invensys for five years and reported to senior vice-president and general counsel of legal Victoria Hull. “Invensys isn’t looking for a replacement for my role,” commented Duesenberg.

Lenovo was formed as a result of the 2004 merger between the Lenovo Group and IBM’s personal computing division, in the process creating the third-largest personal computing company in the world.

Duesenberg began his career as an attorney in government in Washington DC before going into private practice and then returning to an in-house role in a start-up company.