A ban imposed by the Inner Temple benchers on one of the key fundraising events of London's social calendar, the Inns of Court Charity Ball, has been lifted after three years

The Inner Temple withdrew its support for the event after it claimed the main tent where the bands performed chewed up the lawn. Drunkenness and raucous behaviour were also blamed for losing the support of some judges.

Criticism was subsequently levelled against the Inner Temple for banning a fun event that has raised more than £100,000 for charity over the years. However, it is understood that the ball is back on and is scheduled to take place in June, despite a failure to win unanimous support from the Inn's members.

The Middle Temple and Lincoln's Inn have always been in favour of the ball and this year, for the first time, Gray's Inn has also agreed to join the event.

It is understood the Inner Temple changed its mind because its own charity balls have consistently lost large amounts of money.

The event has consistently attracted leading musicians and this year Midge Ure of Ultravox, who also founded BandAid with Bob Geldof in 1984, is due to perform.

This year's event will raise money for homeless charity Centrepoint.