Injustice done to small firms

I was very interested to read your report (The Lawyer, 3 November) about the Government's bid to stem the PFI gold rush frenzy.

I was even more surprised by Denton Hall's comment about the unacceptably low quality of service from some smaller firms.

Categorising smaller or bigger firms on quality of service does not add to the debate on streamlining PFI. From our experience – we have completed six deals and are involved in many more – quality of service concerns are not limited to small firms.

Difficulties with the legal process arise from an inability to stand back and view the commercial issues from lengthy legal documentation.

Incidentally, why do you not print tables of legal advisers to facilities managers? The deals in which we have been involved have an annual contract value of #30m. Once multiplied by the length of contracts – which can last 30 years – it shows the importance of the facilities manager's role and that of their lawyers.

Anthony Fine, PFI partner, Barnett Alexander Chart, Grays Inn Road