Injection of young blood for Council

CORNWALL-BASED Helen Davies has swept on to the Law Society Council with massive support in the first by-election since Martin Mears was elected to the presidency.

At 31, Davies, who works for the Launceston firm Parnall Langsford, will be the youngest member of the council when she takes her seat at next week's council meeting.

She easily won a four-way contest for the seat. David O'Hagan, chair of the Sole Practitioners Group, came last.

The conveyancer said she had not seen the plans to end the slump in conveyancing fees due to be put to the council by Robert Sayer, but she would support anything which would “improve conveyancing fees and the quality of the work”.

She added: “I will be working to secure the future of high street firms because that's the area where I work and where I want to work for the next 31 years of my life.”

Davies' election has prompted a collective sigh of relief from the Plymouth and Cornwall law societies who feared a non-local candidate might win the election. Two of the four candidates did not come from the region. The law societies claimed they had broken a long-held convention that the seat should be reserved for a Cornwall candidate.