Information to choo over

All firms take note. Norton Rose needs to be congratulated on its successful sponsorship of the Heineken Cup, an event that led to a superb day out for Tulkinghorn and his merry men and women.
The trip to the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff to see the Leicester Tigers beat Munster in the championship final surpassed all expectations, and puts Norton Rose second to none on the corporate entertainment scale.
However, there was one incident that brought great amusement to Tulkinghorn and which he feels he must share with the masses. The day began at Paddington Station, where the firm's 700 guests boarded the Norton Rose Express. Correction: for most people the day began at Paddington, where the 700 guests boarded the Norton Rose Express. However, one guest received extra special attention.
When the train pulled up at Didcot Parkway station near Oxford, many travellers were left a little perplexed at the reason for this unscheduled stop. But then a cloaked figure slipped sheepishly out of the shadows, and unnoticed by most (although not by one of Tulkinghorn's sharp-eyed young charges) slipped onto the train.
It was hard to identify the cloaked figure and it may have gone unnoticed to many. But to the sharp eyes of Tulkinghorn it was not a guest at all. No, it was unmistakably the firm's senior partner David Lewis.