India to welcome foreign lawyers

The Indian government has proposed sweeping reforms aimed at paving the way for entry of foreign lawyers

A working paper reviewing the Advocates Act 1961 is recommending the introduction of exams for foreign lawyers so they can become legal consultants in India.
Priti Suri, a lawyer at Indian firm Lexindia, which has offices in Delhi, Paris and London, said: “The Indian government is trying to ensure a reciprocity arrangement with law firms of other jurisdictions so they can practise in India.”
The working paper is also looking at reforming the standards of legal education in India in order to bring it into line with Western standards. This includes closing down evening law colleges which are failing to enforce compulsory requirements for students to attend their courses.
Changes have also been proposed by India’s Minister of Law to revise the Consumer Protection Act to enable clients to sue their lawyers for malpractice.