Ince partners facing fraud action in Blue Strim case

Ince & Co‘s battle with former client Blue Strim Maritime has taken a dramatic turn following the indictment of seven partners for fraud by the Greek authorities.

As reported by The Lawyer (16 January), the Greek shipping company is currently petitioning for the conservatory arrest of Ince’s assets, up to a value of $35m (£19.6m).

A hearing was set down for 18 January but has been postponed until 8 May. In the meantime, Blue Strim said the director of public prosecutions in Athens has launched prosecution proceedings against seven Ince partners after investigating a complaint of fraud brought by the company in February 2005.

If found guilty of fraud, the partners would face a mandatory prison sentence. In a statement, Blue Strim said: “We are now contemplating further criminal complaints concerning others.”

Another criminal complaint, of lawyer infidelity, has already been thrown out by the Greek courts.

Blue Strim launched its $23m (£13m) civil negligence suit in May 2005.