Regional: Central & Eastern Europe

Lawyers in Central and Eastern European countries are facing some particularly unique issues as their host nations try to pull themselves clear of the recession.

The first of the these special reports from the region visits law firms in Hungary, which find themselves competing for the lucrative attention of the film industry.
The second report travels to Poland, where a new act on PPPs has many in the profession hoping it will kick-start infrastructure projects.

In the third article lawyers at the forefront of bank restructuring in Vienna explain why their groundbreaking work will impact beyond the borders of Austria.

Meanwhile, forward thinking in the Czech Republic as, in the fourth article, law firms praise the benefits of online registers that make due diligence easier and help oil the wheels of business in the country.

Regional: China & Hong Kong

After decades of investment into raw minerals in Africa, Chinese investors are now pouring billions of renminbis into infrastructure projects on the continent. Lawyers working out of Beijing and Shanghai explain how they are reaping the benefits.