Practice area: Property

The result of property litigation can often pivot on the suitability and skill of the expert witness.

This Property Special Report examines how choosing the person with the right credentials is only half the challenge. Equally as important is managing their appearance in front of the judge by, among other things, briefing them on their duty to the court, reminding them of the (often forgotten) burden of proof in civil proceedings and holding an unambiguous discussion about costs from the start.

Regional: US Firms in London

The Lawyer’s annual US Firms in London survey always casts light on what is affecting our transatlantic cousins based in the capital.

This US Firms in London Special Report analyses the data, highlighting the differences in how US firms have coped with the recession.

Many became increasingly reliant on their UK offices, and the fallout from the recession in the US led to significant changes in partner moves between firms across the Pond, not least at Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker, which boosted its London practice areas and overall presence in Europe as a result.