In-housers get guidance on whistleblowing

The Commerce and Industry Group (C&I Group) has released new guidelines for lawyers how to implement a whistleblowing policy and avoid being caught in career dilemmas.

The organisation has also compiled a report revealing that in-house lawyers are under more pressure than ever to expose company scandals even though they are the most at risk.

In-house counsel are privy to information on bad practices in their company and may be required to tell regulators such as the Financial Services Authority or the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Simon Welch, chairman of the group’s corporate governance committee, said: “In-house lawyers are often expected to be trusted advisors at the same time as being aware of potential issues.”

He added: “This can often put them in a position where they have a greater obligation to become whistleblowers but may have less or even no protection.”

“Remaining at a company in the wake of blowing the whistle can be uncomfortable or career destroying.”

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