In brief: Lewis Silkin in OSS investigation over Diana story

The Office for Supervision of Solicitors (OSS) is investigating whether a false document was passed to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) through London firm Lewis Silkin. The PCC was considering the News of the World story which accused James Hewitt, the ex-lover of Diana, Princess of Wales, of selling her letters. During the PCC investigation, the News of the World supplied the PCC with a sworn affidavit signed by the writer of the story swearing it was true. But a month later, Lewis Silkin, acting for James Hewitt, supplied the PCC with a contradictory statement purportedly from the writer claiming that he had, in fact, not signed the newpaper's affidavit. The PCC has asked the OSS to investigate whether the statement supplied by Lewis Silkin was a forgery and where Lewis Silkin obtained it from.