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First Cypriot citizen to be extradited to the United States

The Republic of Cyprus extradites its first citizen to the United States. On 23/01/2020 the Supreme Court has decided for the first time the extradition of a national of the Republic of Cyprus to the United States to face charges of wire and computer fraud, identity theft and extortion. On 17/07/2020 he became the first ever person to be extradited from Cyprus to the United States, where he will appear before the Courts in the Northern District of Georgia.

Implementation of court orders involving non-parties – a warning from Guernsey

Family practitioners are well-versed in avoiding potential pitfalls of implementing and enforcing settlements agreed in the family courts. Particular difficulties can arise where an order requires steps to be taken by non-parties resident outside the jurisdiction of the relevant court, potentially requiring unexpected further (and avoidable) litigation to give effect to such an order.

The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020

The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 received royal assent and came into force from 26 June 2020. Central to this new legislation is a new moratorium, which will give a company in financial distress a 20-business day breathing space from creditor enforcement action, which can be extended for up to a year with the consent of creditors.

New steps towards environmental protection in Romania – transforming household waste into fertilizer

It is already notorious that upon accession to the European Union, Romania has assumed a series of responsibilities, constantly evolving, in the spirit of the Community objectives. Among them, the one which lately has the strongest impact is represented by environmental protection and fight against global warming. Thus, a step in this direction was taken by Romania on August 20 2020, when it passed law on the management of compostable non-hazardous waste, which will enter into force on February 20, 2021.

4 tips for working from home with kids

While the world adjusted to working remotely during the pandemic, we all faced the obstacles of home setup, IT, and technology – but many of us also faced a new challenge of juggling working from home with parenting, as our children also had to adapt to homeschooling and an unexpectedly long summer holiday!


The legal world's soothsayer

Richard Susskind sees himself more as a legal traditionalist than an IT evangelist. Listening to Richard Susskind talk about the future of the British legal system, makes one wonder if the 19th century Luddities who roamed the countryside smashing spinning looms had a point. Indeed, his vision of the future could be enough to make […]

Allied Lawyers Response Team launches campaign to expose 'scandal of Y2K bugs

A personal injury lawyers’ network is mounting a campaign to tackle what it describes as the “scandal of the Year 2000 computer bug”. The Allied Lawyers Response Team (Alert) launched its Y2K-LAW campaign last week. The 21-firm network has adapted its technique of grouping together and sharing the cost of legal claims in personal injury […]

In brief: Rakisons moves into old Linklaters office

Niche commercial firm Rakisons has moved from Chancery Lane to take over Linklaters & Paines’ former premises at Clements House in the City. Senior partner Tony Wollenberg said the move meant that the firm was set for a planned further “50 per cent quality growth over the next three years. It is a small price […]

Linklaters ties up Thai shop in Bangkok

LINKLATERS has finally set up shop in Bangkok, ending doubts over the move given Thailand’s economic crisis. The partnership cleared the opening at the end of December. A team of six UK and Thai lawyers has been put together for the start-up. Chris King, identified by The Lawyer in September as the key lawyer being […]

Lawyers at play

Pinsent Curtis banking lawyer Patrick Twist recently completed a Triathlon. Swapping pinstripes for a wet suit, the head of project finance joined two banking clients, Andrew Cunnell and John Handley, on a mile-long swim followed by a 40km cycle and a 10km run. Pictured top to bottom: Cunnell, Handley, Twist. 16 firms took part in […]

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