Imagination run riot

Tulkinghorn hopes the response to the above competition is a little better than the one hosted by Eversheds: to come up with a name for its new Manchester office. In a stunning display of creativity, the best the firm's collected wits could manage was… Eversheds House. Richard Eaton at Brobeck Hale and Dorr did the same thing for its conference rooms, his own offering being to name them all after some of the "great" names from Arsenal FC's history (none greater, Tulkinghorn must say, than former manager George Graham, who on 8 April will rub salt in the wounds of Eaton and co when his present team, Tottenham, meet Arsenal in the FA cup semi-finals. The score, Tulkinghorn can confidently predict, will not be to Eaton's liking). You can see how Tulkinghorn became distracted with football.