I’m too sexy for my job

Last week, Tulkinghorn set a challenge to find the sexiest/grooviest/ baaadest tax lawyer around. It might perhaps come as a surprise to some readers (it certainly did to several of The Lawyer‘s journalists) but the response has been phenomenal. A deluge of entries has proven categorically that tax lawyers can be sexy.

The sheer number of entries made the judging process extremely difficult but we do have a clear winner, beating off competition from the likes of fellow Birdman Trevor James, CMS cameron McKenna’s Sarah Buxton, Theodore Goddard’s Paddy Grafton Green (after all, he is the man with the grooviest client base) the cheeky Norbert Rieger of Freshfields and A&O’s playwright Joanna Norland. Tulkinghorn now has great pleasure in unveiling our winner, and truly the sexiest/ grooviest/baaadest tax lawyer in town – Bird & Bird‘s Simon Briton.

Briton says: “I find wearing mediawhore glasses and gelling my hair into the Hoxton classic cut tends to lend a sheen of sexy/groovy/baaadness to almost any day in tax. Why, just the other day someone told me they were surprised that I was a tax lawyer and not a teaboy in a recording studio.”

Briton now has the tough task of choosing which of The Lawyer‘s groovy journalists he would like to have a pint with. Step forward Sir, and claim your prize.