If successful, Nelsons' campaign will run across Yorkshire

NINE-partner Leeds firm Nelson & Co has launched a hard-hitting advertising campaign, direct mailing over 50,000 homes in Leeds in a bid to attract personal injury work.

It hopes for a response rate of between 2 and 7 per cent, and if the scheme proves to be a success then millions of homes across Yorkshire will be targeted.

The firm has also advertised on buses and in doctors' surgeries – and negotiations are under way with hospitals.

Previous campaigns by PI practitioners to drum up trade have run into problems with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Law Society, which are worried about “ambulance chasing”.

The practice of buying lists of recently injured people from marketing firms has been condemned, but Nelson & Co is mailing indiscriminately.

Alison Crawley, head of ethics at the Law Society, said it had “no problem” with the firm's actions.

It is thought that one in four people do not know they can claim compensation when they have had an accident.

Helen Shires, head of personal injury at the firm, said: “Many people miss out on compensation they deserve, which can have a major impact on their lifestyle because they fail to claim. Our campaign is about raising awareness.”