Icy winds of change at CMS

The atmosphere at CMS Cameron McKenna’s Moscow office must be decidedly chilly these days after a third lawyer left for Clifford Chance (see story).

Former office managing partner David Griston, Moscow banking head Jared Grubb and now energy senior associate Maria Oleinik have all fled CMS. You can almost hear the harsh Russian winds whistling through the office from London.

Although the recent closure of the CMS Moscow office canteen will have played a big part in the departures, some market sources have pointed to the firm’s focus on its new Ukraine office as a source of discontent in Russia. Let’s face it, relations between the two countries have never been the warmest.

CMS has to be careful that it doesn’t play too much with its new toy in Ukraine and take its eye off the ball in the competitive Moscow market: it might well get frozen out.