ICSL students outraged at BVC resit debacle

BVC students at the Inns of Court School of Law (ICSL) have been outraged after being told they will have to repeat a crucial advocacy assessment because of a technical glitch with the DVDs they were recorded on.

The advocacy assessments in March were filmed on faulty discs, which failed to record the exercise, while other recordings had no sound. This is the first time ICSL has used DVDs to record the assessments. Historically the law school has recorded the exams on videotapes.

ICSL contacted the small number of students affected by the problem earlier this month to ask them to resit the assessment on 19 May or 2 June. Alternatively, students can take the resit in either July or August. The results of the assessments were due to be published last month.

ICSL’s BVC course director Stuart Sime said he regretted that students had to resit their assessments. He added: “Some students have been upset, some have been irate, while others have been very understanding.”

He also claimed that the school will be introducing a number of safeguards to ensure this problem does not repeat itself in the future.