Hussein, Sajid – Hot 100

At only 34, Sajid Hussein is already making a name for himself in Deutsche Bank – and among his external advisers to boot. They describe him as being “very sharp, very commercial and good fun”, and “really perceived as going places”.

A former Allen & Overy associate, Hussein joined Deutsche in 2001 as director and legal counsel. He handles general advisory and structuring work on new acquisition financings and high-yield issues. As Deutsche aligns its legal teams more closely to the businesses in the wake of its wholesale internal restructure, Hussein has become strongly involved on the business side.

Hussein spent much of 2004 on restructurings – Parmalat in Italy and Vivendi in France were just two to come across his desk. He also got busy on a series of major workouts in the project finance, energy and telecoms sectors – Drax and Navan Mining being just two examples.

Sajid Hussein