Hugh’s adieu

Thanks go out to the spy who reported back to Tulkinghorn recently from the Conference of Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group in Edinburgh. The eminent former senior judge of the Patents Court and renowned expert on IP Sir Hugh Laddie was one of the speakers at the conference and, according to the mole, was being his normal provocative self.

Laddie had earlier been at a cocktail party, where he was chatting to Sir Andrew Park, a retired High Court judge. Park told Laddie that a counsel had been before him once citing a judgment on tax law that Laddie had passed down, as if Laddie (an IP expert) were the august tax authority. “And do you know, Hugh, that judgment was complete rubbish!” Park is reported to have exclaimed. Laddie,to his credit, told this story to the conference to highlight the dangers of chancery judges passing judgments on subjects they know nothing about.

Incidentally, Laddie also suggested that, if court rooms aren’t going to be allowed to have TV, then why not have hearings on internet call system Skype?

He made the comparison that his son, who’s currently based in New York, uses Skype to ask him for more money. “At least I can see his face while he’s asking,” quipped the great man.