HR survey: Macfarlanes

HR head
Rob Hind.

Trainee retention rate
100 per cent.

Assistant attrition rate
5 per cent.

Salary range
NQ – £50,000;
Senior associates – up to £105,000.

Christmas bonuses are determined by reference to percentage of salary plus £100 to replace vouchers. Value ranges from £200-£2,500.

Full programme of technical and soft-skills training.

Ongoing supervision and twice-yearly performance review, one involving self-assessment.

Partner progression
Thirty-one per cent of current partners are home-grown. Four partners are laterals. Youngest partner 29.

Billable hours target

Flexible and part-time working
No formal flexible working hours policy, but individual requests will be considered. Part-time working is available.

Holiday entitlement
Twenty-six days for each band of assistant.

Package of comprehensive compensation, including subsidised meals in staff restaurants. Pension available to all staff at a 3-5 per cent employer contribution, matched by employee.