HR survey: Fladgate Fielder

HR head
Jean Major.

Trainee retention rate
80 per cent.

Assistant attrition rate
8 per cent.

NQ – £40,000;
3PQE – £45,000-£55,000, but no banding system, each level depends on merit.

Offered annually and determined on firm, departmental and individual performance targets. Maximum 6 per cent of salary.

Skills training such as negotiating and networking offered mostly in-house. Also uses external providers and assessment centres.

Regular performance reviews based on financial performance, assessed by department heads liaising with HR head. Annual self-appraisal process linked to incentive bonus since 2003, which was launched in the property department and which is extending to other departments in 2004.

Partner progression
Youngest partner early 30s.

Billable hours target
1,350 for all, excluding corporate, which is 1,400.

Flexible and part-time working
Flexible not offered, part time offered for litigation group. Fladgates has also had a workforce agreement to cover the Working Time Regulations since 1998, which means no lawyer will work more than a 48-hour week as an average over the 52-week year.

Holiday entitlement
Flexi-holidays. Fee-earners can buy and sell a week. Prohibited from selling below total of four weeks.

Flexi-holidays, pension, medical insurance, life insurance, permanent health insurance, client introduction bonus (5 per cent of all fees billed and paid annually), introduction bonus for staff and lawyers (£1,500 for lawyers, £1,000 for secretaries and staff).