HR survey: Cobbetts

HR head
Su Makin.

Trainee retention rate
90 per cent.

Assistant attrition rate
Less than 10 per cent.

Salary range
NQ – £30,000;
four-year PQE – £40,000.

Annual bonus awarded with value range between 3.75 and 6.25 per cent of salary.

External and internal training on both legal and non-legal skills.

Annual appraisal system based on competency framework. No 360° appraisal system, although this is expected to be in place at partner level by 2005.

Partner progression
Candidates identified and developed through appraisal system using competency framework. Candidates are proposed to the partnership board and the partners by the practice area head.

Billable hours target
1,356 for one to three-years’ PQE, rising to 1,452. Associates’ and partners’ target is 1,404.

Flexible and part-time working
Offered, although flexible working hour targets are approved on an individual basis.

Holiday entitlement
Twenty-three to twenty-five days, dependent on service.

Gym membership, social club, 20 days sick pay per year, Bupa. Pension at 5 per cent for employees over 25 or with five years’ service .