How to participate in online workshops

The Workshop Window has three panes:

  1. Left window – this displays all comments made in the workshop since you joined

  2. Right window – lists everyone else currently logged into this workshop

  3. Bottom (narrow) window – this is where you type your comments.

To participate, place your cursor in the bottom window, type your comment, and press Enter or Return.

There is no need to type your name. Each comment is automatically pre-fixed with the person’s name, even though you cannot see your own displayed in the Left window.

To open a private dialogue window with another participant,
double click on their name; this creates a private chat window.

You can view the entire workshop transcript so far by clicking on the “trancript” link in the top menu bar.

Click on “Close” to close any of the workshop windows or “toggle” between them by holding down the “Alt” key and pressing “Tab”.