How to mocha accountant

Already a further example of idiocy from accountants – and after last week's demonstration of how to behave like a pompous ass at the dinner table. (Tulkinghorn had to endure a translation of the entire menu, before being told he was not allowed to order a cappuccino since it was a French, not Italian, restaurant, and cappuccino comes from Italy, don't you know.)

Anyway, a solicitor colleague has written to expand on our frothy theme: “My accountant, who hails from somewhere in the frozen North, will not drink cappuccino after 11am, as he says that the Italians don't and therefore he won't.”

Which top national firm has a cheeseboard at its in-house restaurant that visiting lawyers should avoid? Apparently, one snobby partner insists the chef prepares him a personal cheese selection. In retaliation, the chef interferes with said partner's cheeseboard in the traditional manner