How to grow a firm from Liverpool

The big beasts of the insurance market haven’t always had it easy, as our recent data analysis shows.

So far DWF has made the running on a national stage, but here comes another North West firm with ambitions. Weightmans used to be categorised as a Liverpool-based firm with a heavy focus on insurance law. But after nine successive years of turnover growth, including most recently a solid 6.1 per cent increase to £87m, that is no longer true.

As Weightmans’ managing partner John Schorah tells The Lawyer today, the firm is in the midst of reinventing itself. It is focusing heavily on efficiency and financial management, reducing debt and trying to improve lockup.

It is also grasping the advantages of new regulations with both hands. After gaining an ABS licence in December last year, the firm took a leaf out of Irwin Mitchell’s book, making up business development head Sarah-Jane Howitt to its partnership.

Whereas BLM has declared that it’s going to go global, Weightmans is merely setting its sights on London. Caution has been Weightmans’ watchword, but as the rise of DWF shows, fortune can also favour the brave.

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