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Equatorial Guinea: 2022 General State Budget Law

Equatorial Guinea’s 2022 State Budget was enacted by way of Law 3/2021, of 3 December 2021. The most significant provisions in the 2022 State Budget Law are the set out in the linked article.

Space brief: More public and private investment

Following a burst of space capital, 2021 saw the highest private investments in space to date, which were enabled by innovative investment vehicles such as SPACs, the creation of robust space-related funds and the convergence of governmental agencies and private companies.

Portugal: Amendments to the Commercial Companies Code

Since December 2021, the Portuguese Commercial Companies Code has been subject to several amendments, namely in terms of the governance of commercial companies, the subtypes of public limited companies (by shares), in terms of multiple-vote and corporate crimes and penalties.

Portugal: Contribution on single-use plastic packaging

Ministerial Order no. 331-E/2021, of 31 December, was published, regulating the contribution on single-use packaging made of plastic or aluminium purchased in ready-to eat meals, provided for in article 320 of Law no. 75-B/2020, of 31 December, which approved the State Budget Law for 2021.

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Protecting reputation in the spotlight of an investigation

Global business is increasingly familiar with the prospect of short-notice public investigatory attention, whether from regulators, law enforcement, political forces or as a consequence of sanctions, and this can – in in some cases – devastate individual and corporate reputation.

Protecting reputation in the spotlight of an investigation

Despite the fact that the threat of an investigation alone can be enough to paralyse a business, early warning signs are often missed and businesses can mistake an investigation risk for a reputation risk. Those who handle serious issues well are able to triage the issue at an early stage and identify its potential impact, […]

Bill 64 marks a new direction in Quebec privacy law — Key takeaways for businesses

On September 22, 2021, the Quebec government adopted Bill 64, An Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information, enacting significant changes to the requirements governing the use and protection of personal information under various statutes, including notably the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector and the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information.


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King & Spalding advice criticised over “highly culpable” High Court omission

A judge has said King & Spalding failed to provide “full and frank disclosure” in a recent High Court hearing against Enyo Law, adding that the omission was “highly culpable”. The comments followed a recent case between its client Leidos Inc and the Hellenic Republic, relating to the allocation of costs after the enforcement of […]

Time to rethink media coverage rules in employment tribunal cases

The press pack outside the London Central Employment Tribunal is a sure sign that somebody’s reputation is going to be irretrievably sullied by the afternoon’s media coverage. The waiting press pack outside the London Central Employment Tribunal is a sure indication that, within a matter of a few hours, somebody’s reputation is going to be […]

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