Building communities and providing in-house lawyers with a platform to network and exchange ideas has always been at the core of what we do. The Lawyer’s In-house Financial Services virtual event taking place between the 30th June and 2nd July will bring together 200+ in-house legal counsel and compliance professionals from across the financial services sector to discuss, benchmark and share knowledge.

This series of exciting content includes an option of webinars and roundtables for attendees to pick and choose from, including a 45-minute virtual roundtable on How CLM technology can enable a successful LIBOR transition?

Our expert speaker, joined by a small number of in-house lawyers, will tackle the following questions in a lively and interactive discussion:

  • Where technology fits in the LIBOR remediation program
  • What is contract digitisation
  • How Contract Lifecycle Management enables re-papering


Howard Wassall, Principal Sales Engineer, Apttus

Howard Wassall, Principal Sales Engineer at Apttus, helps companies with implementing their Middle Office Quote-to-Cash solution, a category-defining software that drives the vital business process between the buyer’s interest in a purchase and the realization of revenue. Throughout his career, Wassall often supported the Financial Services Industry more recently in their contracting processes. Before joining Apttus in 2018, he worked for companies such as TIBCO Software, GXS and Push Technology Limited in various senior roles.




Please note that the virtual roundtables have very limited availability, so if you are interested in joining this session please contact Emma Bower for more information.

This free to attend virtual roundtable is part of the In-house Financial Services virtual event taking place between 30 June – 2nd July.

For more information on the conference, a copy of the agenda, or to register for any of the 10+ sessions available, please visit the event website.