Housing experts split watchdog work

WELSH firm Morgan Bruce and newly-formed specialist Arden Chambers are to share the contract to advise the ombudsman for gripes against housing associations.

Teams of lawyers will advise and carry out research on the legal issues arising from the complaints.

Both Morgan Bruce and Arden have strong reputations for housing and other public sector work, including landlord and tenant and housing association law.

Morgan Bruce, which earlier this year opened an office in London, aiming to expand its business in the capital, has appointed partners Philip Stewart, Les Gascoigne and solicitor Martin Comport to handle the work.

Stewart said: “This appointment confirms our expertise in this area of law and we look forward to assisting the ombudsman in achieving his goals to respond as quickly as possible to complaints.”

The panel from Arden Chambers, which was set up in London two years ago, consists of Susan Belgrave, Josephine Henderson, Alyson Kirkpatrick and Andrew Dymond.