House triers

Now we know City lawyers have hard lives, forced as they are to sit in data rooms all day and stand in Corney & Barrow all night, but they certainly ain’t poor.

So Tulkinghorn was a bit confused the other day when Denton Wilde Sapte called The Lawyer to say that one of its partners had some comments on the Barker Report. Apparently, the kind PR had them all packaged up and ready to insert into our paper.

Now, the Bar-ker Report, as Tulkinghorn is sure you will recall, concerns the shortage of low-cost housing in the South East, as well as other stuff for poor people (ie those unfortunate souls that have somehow missed out on working in a law firm).

Tulkinghorn has neglected to publish Dentons’ thoughts, as our readers probably aren’t that interested in the availability of Barratt boxes on the Thames Gateway. But any readers who, despite their six or seven-figure salaries, are having trouble buying a home, should call Dentons partner Natalie Elphick, who will be happy to chat through the issues with you.