The Lawyer Hot 100 2019: nominations process

The Hot 100 2018 is now out.

We welcome nominations from across the market, so if you know a fantastic lawyer you think deserves to be in next year’s list, let us know.

The nominations window for The Lawyer Hot 100 2019 will officially open on Tuesday 3 April 2019. The window will close in October; however we strongly request that if you have someone in mind, you nominate them as early as possible.

Criteria for entry

  • They must be a qualified lawyer
  • They must be UK-based
  • They can be from private practice, in-house or the Bar
  • They must have done something of significance during 2018 (as the Hot 100 is not a ‘lifetime achievement’ award but an acknowledgement of the excellent work that is being done right now)
  • They must have star quality (ie not just a lovely supervisor or someone who has led on a big deal as there are hundreds of those lawyers across the country). Good nominations will bring out what makes them so special.

Hints for nominations

  • Nominations should be short. If your nomination is truly Hot 100 worthy, you should be able to explain why in no more than a couple of paragraphs.
  • The Hot 100 is not simply about who has done the most or biggest deals. We recognise management figures leading their firm with vision; team leaders who have sparked incredible growth (or turned round a struggling business); litigators on groundbreaking cases; associates who through their actions are proving that they are the next superstars; tech innovators within the profession; lawyers who have implemented a brilliant idea within the business…

Further queries about the process should be directed to