Hook, line and stinker

Tulkinghorn, being a fly-fishing man himself, was naturally happy to show his support in person at The Lawyer’s Fishing Club Annual Beginners’ Day on Saturday 9 April.

The great man’s technique was, as ever, the envy of all. Just a few minutes of tuition from casting gurus Robin Elwes and Trevor Morgan and the days of a beginner having a style that was so vigorous as to actually plunge him into the fast-moving depths were, mercifully, gone forever.

Sadly, though, casting excellence was not enough to yield a fish and in the end it was Tulkinghorn’s chum, casting the fly a foot away from her pink, Dalmatian-print wellington boots, who hooked what can only be considered a suicidal 2.5-pound trout on a kamikaze death mission.

Tulkinghorn is delighted – in a sick, schadenfreude sort of way – to report that the trout apparently tasted like mud.

Lawyers hoping to net some mud fish of their own should contact event organiser Nick Marshall of Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw (nmarshall@mayerbrownrowe.com).