Hook, line and sinker

Tulkinghorn has been asked to point out that the recent diary piece (9 April) about the launch of a new sports law boutique by a group of Bird & Bird partners, Hunter Shooter & Fisher, was in fact a joke. Not true. Fallacious.

The request came from one of the individuals involved following numerous calls to the partners, in particular Simon Shooter, who was asked in shocked tones why he was leaving TwoBirds so soon after joining the firm from Barlow Lyde & Gilbert.

Tulkinghorn is more than happy to set the record straight. He would also like to point out that the moon, although white, is not in fact made of cheese. (By the way, rumours that fellow TwoBirds partner Chris Holder has changed his name by deed poll to Resident’s Permit, so that he can always get a parking space, are copper-bottomed. Honest.)