Home comforts

Pannone Solicitors has much touted its third place in the most esteemed gauge of employee satisfaction behind the water cooler – The Sunday Times‘ ‘100 Best Companies to Work For 2006’. But Tulkinghorn has always wondered just how Pannone does it.

Pannone’s director of support services Rachel Dobson let us in on the secret the other day. It’s not about bonuses, or sky-high wages, or gym membership, or foot massages, or even pats on the back (all of which scribes, of course, receive plenty of). No, apparently the secret of Pannone’s success is all down to… cake.

Yes it’s that simple. All it takes is a bit of good old-fashioned birthday cake. If it’s your birthday at Pannone, you get to go home at 4pm. Even better, you get to take your own birthday cake with you. What more do you need?
“My personal trainer said we should be offering a fruit option, though,” Dobson admitted, while forging several birth certificates.