Hitting the Rock hard

Brothers Benjamin and Solomon Marrache, the founding partners of Marrache & Co, have been released on bail following allegations that in January they falsified documents to conceal a missing €1.8m (£1.58m) that belonged to a shipping-company client.  They are understood to deny all allegations.

There is probably a lot more sand than mud in Gibraltar, but whatever they have on the ground there the name of Marrache & Co is being roughly dragged through it.

The Gibraltar office is understood to be closed and under guard as the investigation continues, but the firm’s international offices (linked only through name, as one London Marrache lawyer pointed out) continue to operate – though, understandably, not with the greatest of ease.

The Lawyer spoke with a partner at the firm’s London office, who told of his rage towards the firm’s founding partners and his concern for his clients and his staff.

Whatever the outcome of the Marrache brothers’ case – which returns to court in April – a re-brand for the City branch looks certain.


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